Youth, It's Painful Book Cover

Fon Limsomwong

"Youth, It's Painful" or 아프니까 청춘이다 delves into the tumultuous world of adolescence, artfully depicting the highs and lows of growing up. Through the eyes of relatable characters, the author, Rando Kim, navigates the complexities of teenage life, unveiling the physical and emotional struggles that define this transformative period. From the ache of misunderstood feelings to the weight of societal expectations, the narrative resonates with authenticity and empathy. 

After reading the book, I was very inspired by Kim’s usage of metaphors. In a chapter, he compared the feeling of youth to being in a paper boat out in the sea, surrounded by sharks. I wanted to pull from that feeling of circling around self doubt into a solid visual statement through this book cover illustration and typography.