Aliens Photo Book

Jee Su Kim
Fon Limsomwong
Tsz Lam "Eric" Chan
Art Direction
Publication Design

Working together with Kim, we have came up with a design system that would truly showcase her photographs while also adding some more design elements to enhance the overall look and feel.

Sketchy pencil lines, as we have found out, communicate the concept of "connection" and "travel" very well. The dynamic motion of these lines, though abstract, are very representative of the feelings of one behind the line.

Our process started with Kim handing me all of the images in the "Aliens Set," which I would later pick and choose to put into sequence to create the story that I thought would be impactful to the audience.


Jee Su Kim is a South Korean visual storyteller whose works encompass a wide range of mediums, including documentary photography, fine art photography (incorporating mixed media, composite imagery, and staged photography), film/videography, and artist books.

Fon Limsomwong is a graphic designer from Bangkok, Thailand. Her creative journey is deeply intertwined with a profound passion for both fine arts and publication design, reflecting a unique blend of artistic sensibility and practical design expertise.

Eric Chan is an Art Director and Motion Graphics Designer from Hong Kong. With a keen eye for visual aesthetics and a mastery of both English and Chinese calligraphy, Eric seamlessly blends creativity with linguistic artistry.

"玉不琢,不成器" (yu bu zhuo, bu cheng qi) can be translated to "Jade cannot be made into anything without being cut and polished." In nature, jade can be found in rocks, and it has to be cracked out to be used in crafting.

This idiom means "one cannot become useful without being educated." 

I believe that this idiom represents a lot of international students journeys very well because we are here to learn and grow even though it might be a difficult route to take.